Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The 'Mythy' Merlion

Blinded by aesthetics,
Heralding its culture with glory.
Idolising its iconic status,
is a mere ignorance
with an upmost complacency.
He should have asked,
He should have known.

What lies within this myth,
Glazed with culture,
Its scales battered with merciless grit
Gorged by vultures.
He should have asked,
He should have known.

Sunk by the stars
Of democracy, justice and equality.
Pierced by the crescent of immaturity,
Spewing blood of brotherhood and love.

Does it resonate the sinking of a boy,
Who threatened the reign of a king...

Does it resonate the sinking of a freedom fighter,
Who threatened the regime of our land...

He should have asked,
He should have known.

After Edwin Thumboo's Ulysses by the Merlion


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


An invitation by curator, Michael Lee Hong Hwee to participate in:

artist who makes or use books,
Studio Bibliotheque, Hong Kong

A letter to the curator which was not 'entirely' granted:

Hi Mike,

As requested, everything are attached.

However, the set-up requirements need a little
participation from you. It will be a collaboration.

As you've seen in the previous exhibition in basheer –
the 'PINKLOSOPHY' book is placed amongst books which I
have chosen in Basheer bookstore. What I have selected
were books related to my practice, beliefs and
influences. Some were picked by its title as well as
judged by its cover.

I hereby request a similar act; to have a selection
from your book collection – representing anything that
is related to my practice, belief or influences, to be
placed among my 'PINKLOSOPHY' book. The set up would be
a compound of books on a rack or shelf (dependant on
your curatorship. I do not mind) rather than a
solitary one. The compound of books itself would be a
'community' of a common belief.

- lilpinkdevil

P.S. Do call me if there's further queries.