Thursday, October 19, 2006


Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Join Lilpinkdevil in his quest for freedom of gesture and expression.

9th - 13th October
11am - 9pm
The Retaining Wall back-facing Sculpture Square

Open to NAFA students, lecturers, staffs and the public.


You aren’t sure what to do. Your nose inches a little closer to the stack of books, your hands hesitantly reach forward. Your fingertips touch the edge of the tantalizingly smooth spine. As if someone was watching your every move, you become wary. But it feels right and you can’t help but take a peek.

The Lilpinkdevil’s book, a foundation built by various layers of ideas, seeks to spread the philosophies and ideals that he inspired by. As though whispering intimately into your ear, his book warmly shares his views in an engaging dialogue.

The book is injected with a touch of local displacement, pieced by materials accumulated during a recent overseas trip. Articulating his thoughts, ideas and beliefs through the means of the book, it is placed inconspicuously amongst other books, thus blending into a coherent line up. Handpicked personally by the Lilpinkdevil, the chosen books placed along side the artwork complements his ideas and influences his practice as an artist, each book equally important in spurring potential ideas. Socialising through means of collaboration is seen eminently in the book, as he learns and unlearns from the experience; thus dissolving his identity as an artist. The book also takes on a form of experimentation as he strays away from his usual practice in hope of bridging Fine Art and Street Art into one fluid work.