Wednesday, December 12, 2007


A wedding gift for a friend.

A proposed concept written in an email:

I have a proposition. No Obligations though.

Instead of your proposed: Ordinary, I suggest to add
some spice to the text. I would propose it to be:

To ordain the event, to enact or establish new life
and journey. That would make a nice text as your event
would be a modest and ordinary setting by the beach –
would consider it as an avant-garde one compared to
the conventional Malay wedding.

So, when the above concepts are fused, it would make
an interesting text with multiple meanings –

Buying it?


Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Eat your Pun Tarts, 2007
Substation Gallery, Singapore

The pineapple tart - a favorite pastry laid in the multi-compartment biscuit trays on coffee tables at every possible cultural festival in Singapore. Its origins are unclear – perhaps it’s a recipe passed down generations or is it a typically Malay pastry? It is certainly the ubiquitous festive goodie! To add to this confusion, it was crafted into a performance; a communal pineapple-tart making session with a twist! Each participant had to create an extraordinary tart containing puns. The baking session was another of my pursuit to relational art in engaging the participants to be part of the performance.

Documentations from the performance.
Photo Credits: Khairuddin Hori