Friday, May 18, 2007


Barter,Better, Best
Warung M. Nasir, Killiney Road, Singapore

Coined by French art critic Nicholas Bourriaud, “Art represents a barter activity that cannot be regulated by any currency or any current substance.” This exhibition titled, Barter, Better, Best was a trade affair; an exchange of artwork with any object anyone can provide. My artwork explores in the redefinition of a product by giving it a new meaning. Apart from nature of its function, I gave them an alternative perceptive analysis; a historical implication.

And what I have gotten? A styrofoam cup with a packet of herbal tea. Let’s trade for art.

Cotton Buddies, 2007
Digital print on
packages of cotton buds

Close up of visual

Tabasco Tyrants, 2007
Digital print on
bottles of tabasco sauce

Close up of visual