Wednesday, July 04, 2007



‘It is time to stitch the fabrics of society and
weave them into an identity that is honorable.’

‘I have decided, from the relationship made and the knowledge shared,
is to create a form or an identity that is best to honor the ‘mini-society’
that I have built for future provision.


I have distributed the email to the 25 friends whom I have converse in the performance of Wear it as you please 2007. To sustain the relationship, the 25 friends need to present me a visual or manipulation to the polaroids which I have sent them. No obligations though as what Stephen Willat, a relational art activist cited on conventions of interpersonal human behavior, “You need a long duration to get their real involvement, you cannot force people and you cannot rush them.” (Nicole Kearton, 2002:12)

15 artworks bounced back. Still cherishing the friendship made and harvesting the knowledge shared between myself and 25 friends, there is a need to create an identity or a form to represent the ‘mini-society’ or should I say to symbolise the community.

The following would be the ideas and visuals
created based on the 15 visuals collated.

A collaboration of thoughts to form an identity of significant.

As all the visual elements and texts are based on ‘bounced’ ideas by 25 friends, it is also a commentary on the Singapore flag. Conceptually, this is an identity of an ideal flag where it is a compilation of shared ideas from the community.

The pristine is never pristine,
Therefore I question the equality of man,
What is the definition of a flag within,
Is it to please a community or the heart of one man?


Woven, 2007
Installation at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts,
Gallery 3