Monday, August 13, 2007


Great Things come in Pairs

These two canvases represent you and I; artist and art collector; creator and consumer; art and society. I strongly believe we need two to compare, complement and compromise. One without the other is incomplete. Thus, the paintings are presented in two canvases; great things come in pairs.

The path and cloud-like elements found in the paintings reflect my confrontation with my doubts in everyday life. The paths represent multiple-mapping opinions and decisions that I face, and the clouds express how I'd like to move on and develop my art further, thus inculcating proper meaning and direction in my work. I want to be a cloud; I don't want to be a mountain, because a mountain just sits there beautifully, but clouds keep on moving.

A Birthday Gift for My Love.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007


from performance

An extension from the installation; I decided to craft a performance. A 'twist' from a conventional flag day –
where it refers to a day when a charity raises funds by collecting in the streets, showing that they have
supported the charity.

Neither coordinated nor being approved by the government, a flag day of my own was initiated and performed.
I gave away the stickers not on monetary terms but in exchange for a group photo-taking session.


Photo credits: Jamaluddin Jaafar